Friday, January 2, 2009

Shopping Trips

Since I had a day off, I decided to go on a very small scale shopping spree. I mean VERY small.
Bubbles knows my leaving-the-house-routine, (whatever that is) and as soon as I open the front door, she is outside standing by the car. She won't go back inside, if she sincerely believes I'm going out somewhere. Texas is starting to pick up on the "signals" as well, but not much...I normally have to tell him "its time to go"..which are my command/code words for them if they are coming with me.

I spent about two- three hours shopping......I was able to get them each a sweatshirt, food bins, and a tie out stake. I'll be moving to a house that is quite near a road, and I don't want to take the chance of Texas running....Bubbles is slower, and sticks around the house more, so I'm not too worried about her.

Texas is a typical dachshunds/dog and doesn't like to be left alone for long. And when I first got him, he would SCREAM bloody murder, whenever I had to leave him.
Through treats and ignoring him, he has come a LONG way in the month he's been with me.
Part of how I practiced this with him, is by not letting him follow me all over the place. When I leave my bedroom, I'd close the door behind me, leaving him in there screaming, and when I got back, the INSTANT he was quiet, dash in with praise.
I left him my room THREE TIMES this last week, and he did not make a SOUND!! WOOHOO!!!! PROGRESSS!!!
In the car, he has come up with his own solution to dealing with me leaving. Instead of screaming and crying....he has taken to perching behind my back seats, and "guarding" the car.
He'll happily, quietly wait, until I come back!!

I thought this sign was perfect for him :D

Today was another work day for me, Bubbles and Texas both came..... while Texas plays...Bubbles hangs out on the couch with me. She has no need for other dogs. :D

Speaking of Bubbles, today we got our first bag of Wellness Healthy Weight dog food!!!
I had her weighed and she's 21.4lbs...I would like to see her about 5 lbs lighter by the years end.
I weighed Tex as well, and he's a whopping 6.8lbs. :D

I can't wait to see the results!!

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Proud Puppy Walker of:
1. Jake - Male Golden - Career Changed
2. Rei - Female Black Lab - Guide Dog
3. Midnight - Female Black Lab - In Formal Training
1. Bubbles - Standard Dachshund - adopted: November 15,2002
2. Texas - Miniature Dachshund - adopted: November 29, 2008


Matilda said...

Happy new year, Texas, Bubbles and Erin!
You are a good Dachshund. I always scream and cry whenever my mom and dad leave me. I also need to lose weight, but I cannot help begging whenever they have a meal...

Texas the Dachshund said...

Hi Matilda!
I wish I was a good dachshund...thats Bubbles..I still have a waaayss to go :D


Mason Dixie said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. You do such a great job with those pups. You are an aspiration.

Madison and Andros said...

Looks like fun! Texas is so cute!

Texas the Dachshund said...

Hi Matilda!
I wish I was a good dachshund...thats Bubbles..I still have a waaayss to go :D