Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Week

Hi Guys,
What a week this has been!! Monday I started school online; so far so 100% on my first quiz! Yesss!! :D

Tuesday, Texas and I were involved in a .....major fender bender. My brakes locked up and we slid into the hitch of an SUV. My car..well it was messed up pretty bad..but at least the other driver's hitch saved her. A new car is in my future. *sigh*

Wednesday, was the last day on my job; I am glad that I was sad to leave....I've had my rough patch, but the majority has been good, and they were all very nice to me. It was nice to be able to look forward to going in to work! Texas got to play with his '"girlfriends"one last time (Molly a Shui-Tzu and Penny the Mini dachshund)

Thursday - It was weird not to have a job, but I studied hard and got through my first quiz with an "A"!! I had a job interview at 10AM on Friday so I loaded up my dad's car with as much stuff as possible and my sisters,Texas and I headed across the mountain.
The weather was headed towards the 9's and my "new"house is really really drafted and uninsulated. So Texas and I were huddled under a mountain of blankes and covers and a heating pad. :D
Halfway through the night, I realized that my legs were awfully cold to be laying on a heating pad...but soon found out why. Texas was curled up smack dab in the middle of it. :D
By 7:00AM, I had finally reached the perfect tempture....and my phone started going off. URGH.

Friday - I was out the door by 9:15AM and thanks to mapquest and my dad's GPS, found the place on the first try!
I feel the interview went very well, and I'm extremely excited about the position,... of course now i'm playing the horrid waiting game...but fingers and paws crossed!!
I will tell you that of course it has something to do with service dogs:D. (Of Course)
Now Texas and my sisters are spend the night with a friend; I'm really trying hard to stay calm and assertive, but this dog is extremely taxing my patience right now. To bring in the house I made him sit/stay to come in the house, then began scattering treats at the feet of our host.
So he was focusing on the treats instead of the "scary people". And we did great!! He wasn't sure about the 7-year-old, but I was able to correct and praise accordingly.
Then more people came, and they ignored him, and it was all good...
Then we had some more unexpected guest....and I was not prepared to recieve then the evening turned very loud.
I then began teaching the "Look" commands so he was focusing on me and not children.
Then once he was more calm, I took him over to the children and spread treats at their feet.
THey were awesome and didn't even touch or talk to him; and he has calmed down some more. Now I have finally got him to calm down enough to sleep. And I can relax just a tiny bit ....

OOoh nevermind comes someone else.
oh WHY didn't i bring the crate!?!?!?!?


Erin and the territorial dachshund.

btw- If i'd had the choice to leave him at home...believe me I would have!!!


Lauren said...

It sounds like you are doing great! Hang in there - those puppies love to test our patience!!

apple + chelsea said...

keep it up!!

we puppies are's so much handfulls!!

<3 Apple

Madison and Andros said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great! Those pups do LOVE to test our patience!

Kess And Her Mama said...

All the best with the job prospect. Everyone has one of those days!