Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Puppy Meeting: AKC Dog Agility Trials

Its been at least a couple of years, since I've physically went to an Agility Trial, so when my A/C sent out a note, that they were going to hold a meeting their this weekend, I was rarin' to go!

I also wanted to take Texas with me, because I knew it would be a great exposure for him with all the people and other dogs!!

Saturday was a beautiful day, and I had a lot of things to get done....but my mom had other plans; so i spent most of my morning cleaning. (Only three more days till i'm outta here! jk Mom I love you :D )
Once that was done, I started to freak a little bit, about how Texas would act in such a high stress environment...would he walk on the leash, would I be wrangling him the whole time...etc..etc..
So we went outside, to practice some leash work and obedience while I downloaded files from school..... before I knew it was time to go; but as I was backing out of the driveway...Bubbles comes trotting out of the door, and towards the car...not ABOUT to be left behind.
So she came along as well!
Bubbles and Texas on the car seat, Texas has his head over the top of Bubbles's
I stopped by Sonics, but since they are the worlds SLOWEST fast food restaurant, I hand 15 minutes to make a 25 minute drive...but I made it, and was the first of our group to arrive!!
I did have to make sure I was calm an assertive; because I was not feeling in control, but I decided not to focus on what COULD happen, and just take things as they came at me.

And the afternoon progressed very well! SAM and Ross we're the only two pups that could make it (Penny's in Heat, and Neil is being evaluated) but Neil's raisers came as well.
Ross in his raisers arms, flopped on his back.
The border collies we're the best, with the Golden's coming in surprisingly next! In the small dog ring, most of them we're looking at their owner's like they we're stupid, but it was funny! I'm sure Texas would have a blast out there, if given the opportunity!
My former A/C was there with her vizla Faith, and we got to watch them run! It was awesome, she didn't get anything, but it was neat to see someone we "knew" run a dog! She also had her miniature dachshund Angel there, who ran earlier, so we missed that. :(
We left after Faith ran, and Texas flopped down and slept the entire trip home.
Texas sleeps on his pillow as I drive
Now I have been bitten by the agility bug, and yes we're looking into Texas as an agility dog!!

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Katie in MA said...

Dog agility is just awesome! It would be great if you could join in! :) do keep us posted!