Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy Busy Me by Texas

Wow Guys,
We had a really busy day today, I didn't even get my morning nap in!! Mom needed to run some errands this morning, so she was up and doing stuff early! She put Bubbles and Me outside, and we patrolled the yard, while she did whatever....

Then I had to check out the house, visit Grandpops, check out the kitchen for tasty morsels, dodge my overbearing Auntie, who was trying to chase me and pick me up... *shudders*
Then realized I didn't know where mom was, and had to tear around the house looking for her, but I Found her!! ;D

Then we went outside, and mom got upset cause she didn't have a car to go anywhere...Grandma took it somewhere, while she was on the phone, I had to go escort the neighbor into our yard, DON"T WORRY I WAS NICE TO HIM!

Grandpops talked to him, while I checked on the neighbors houses, making sure everything was still in its place.
After that I finally got a chance to lay down for a little bit, before mom got some treats, her stupid ol' camera, and went outside. We did some obediance stuff...which I don't mind as long as I get a treat. Mom is teaching me how to "Roll" and "Spin", she says I'm picking it up quick! That's cause I"m real smart!!

Grandma came home while we were doing that, so Bubbles and I hopped in the car before mom could stop us and she took us with her. :D We are soo good at getting in before she leaves us!

And while she shopped and stuff, we protected the car real good!!
{I'm an under-the-wheel-driver :D}
{HELP! Two's a crowd here!!}
{I can't feel my hind-quarters!!}
When we finally got home, those stupid chickens were in the yard again!! SO Bubs and I went after them....and Mom came too!! IT was great fun, all three of us chasing the chickens....oops actually mom says she wasn't chasing chickens; she was chasing ME!!?

Wonder why she was doing that....? Humans are so weird sometimes...

Anyways, its time for bed;


Walker Texas Ranger - Head of Home Security and Blog Cutie


Matilda said...

Hi Bubbles and Texas!
It sounds like you are very busy. Are there chickens in your yard??? Do you play with them?

Tibby said...

HI Texas & Bubbles!
It sounds like you had a busy day for sure! You are very smart learning that obedience stuff! And so clever to sneak in the car before your mom can leave you! Have a great weekend!
:) Tibby

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Oh Wow Texas, you guys did have a busy day.

Holly & Zac...XX