Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dog Career's

Hey Guys,

So like the humans celebrate something called "New Years", the way I understand is like an old thing goes away and something new starts. Apparently humans think they get to "start over" or something. Well I kind of understand that.

Anyway for this New Year, Mom went away and left us in a kennel place; as Texas said in his post. I did NOT like that kennel place, I mean I had fun with my brothers and sister, playing and stuff, but all the people there was scary! And they kept wanting me to do things like "sit" or "up" and I mean I didn't even KNOW Them, how was I supposed to DO anything!?!?

So then they talked to Mom for a long time today, and was like "She doesn't have any work ethic" and Mom was like "No I don't think she'll make it" and just like that I was out of the service dog program!

And I'm actually just fine with that! I mean, going in those people places was like SUPER scary! I was so scared one time, Mom had to hold me in her lap!!! I like being at home, and hanging out with Bubbles and Texas.

So I gots to say good-bye to my career. Oh weell. Mom says they don't force dogs to do something they don't want too. Which I think is just ducky, cause i REALLY don't want to be a serve dog.

You should SEE all the toys mom bought at the store tonight!!!!!! Oh wait, I can't say anything about that just yet. Oops!

Anyway mom say's she has a hard decision to make about keeping me or something. I'm all like uh-DUH mom, that's not even a question!? I BELONG here!



Denna said...

Oh Wow Victoria. Great post. I think you are right. YOU BELONG with your mom.:)She is a great person...and perfect for you.

Kari in WeHo said...

Well it looks like you were meant for a different type of career. One of loving your mom

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Ohhh...that's gotta be a tough transition...but I'm so happy that the right choice is being made for Victoria! She's such a lovely dog...I do hope you get to keep her! :-)