Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Brothers {By Victoria and Texas}

Hey guys,

Wow has mom been busy lately! We sure hope she'll slow down a little bit and remember us,we don't think she need have brought that fuzzy thing here. Cause he's just a noosaunce He keeps taking our TOYS, and mom gets on US when we try to get them BACK!! Bubbles didn't even stick around to deal with it, but left and went up to Ma & Pops house, I told her she was a chicken, and she said she didn't even care. I don't think its fair that she gotta leave! Today he was a little bit better and I only played with him just to get him to stop bothering me. It worked!
He was so tired trying to keep up with me, he went and fell asleep!

Ok i'm tired now too.


This pet life stuff ain't too bad, I'm glad Mom doesn't make me go on car rides and stuff, cause that makes me feel stressed and stuff. I think cause I'm a pet now that I should eat people food like Texas and Bubbles do, but Mom wouldn't even let me eat a pizza crust that she FUrGOT about on the table. So I'm complaining from my bed as she types this.

Oh Ooo guess whawt guess, it SNOWED again today!!!!! I was sooo excited I dashed outside before mom told me too and ran, and ran, and ran! It was a BLAST i tell you!
Mom wasn't happy that I ran out there before she told me, so she took me back inside, and took everyone else and LEFT me!?! I tried to play with fuzzbutt, but he kept biting my legs and stealing my toys, and running under the couch with them. He was running allllll over the place, he is crazy I tell you! But HAHA mom bought him a PLAYPEN and so he can't even get out when she puts him in there! Which is good cause i'm all wared out. I think I will go lay down. *whew*

...after I try and sneak that pizza crust again....


P.S. - I didn't get the pizza.

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Kari in WeHo said...

I think you should have gotten the pizza!