Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy Monday

The weather was beautiful today, so abou an hour after I got up, the dogs and I headed outside to play. Well they did at least, I was busy moving boxes...into our NEW place!

There are three houses on the property I'm staying at, and one of them was vacated several months ago. I asked my "landlord" (my father) about switching places, as that one was bigger,"normal", and under 50yo... at the time it was a no because of guessed it, the dogs.

The dog smell, fur, and of course the OCCASIONAL accident. Some how in the last week something changed...and I was given the "OK" to move over!

I'm excited as the dogs finally get a place for their stuff, and I can ditch my ideas to find some way to disguise the lab sized crates! I'm planning on get some kind of foam/rubber mats for their room in an attempt to cut down on the dog smell/fur/clean up time etc.

And I can finally have friends over, without having the dogs launching themselves all over them! My current house there is no where for the dogs to be separate....and the dachs..ok Texas is just annoyingly in your face constantly.

Yeaaah my fault I know....

After I was finished for the morning, the dogs crashed for the next 3-4 hours. I was begining to go stir crazy so Pompei and I hopped in the car and headed off towards town.

We hit up the mall and his age we do a LoT of carrying as these guys walk slower than Methuselah, and I want to get where I was going sometime that day.

And this dude at (I'm guessing) 10lbs+ is HEAVY to carry around for an hour+. Needless to say we crept home, and well...they ate dinner and I left for choir practice. I would have brought him but I completely forgot.

For real!

This week i'm really hoping to start bringing him to classes, still waiting on my job to tell me he can or can't come...than we'll have to decided on how we are going to proceded from there.

Fingers Crossed its a "Yes!"

Erin & Co

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Kari in WeHo said...

congrats on the "new place"! And I love those sunshine pics :)