Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pompei Posts #3

Hi Guys!

I really like this bloggin and tweeting thing! Kind of cool! I got to go to the vet place, that I've been talking about! It was pretty fun, Mom carried me into this place, and than had to fill about a bunch of stuff, while a very nice lady petted me.

{Pompei sitting on the vets table}
Than we had to wait fur a looooooong time, and so I laid down, then this fuzzy grey thing came in, and I really wanted to play with it cause it looked like a nice toy thingy; but it didn't want to play back, so I told him my name but he didn't say anything back. Mom says i have to be quiet and can't talk to strangers.
{Pompei and I at the vet, Pompei is looking away from the camera, while I am leaning into him, smiling}

Than mom put me on her lap, but it was kinda hard to stay up there cause she has a little lap...(Erin: Or maybe its because you are too big!) Mom did say she was proud that I didn't even try to get off of her lap to get at that dog. And I did speak to him anymore either cause he was rude.
{Pompei laying on the vets table}
'Than we went into another room, and mom put me up on this high place, and we waited and waited ...and mom brought out her camera thingy, and clicked it a LOTTA TIMES, and than we waited some more.

I 'nother nice lady comes in and talks to mom a lot and pets me a lot, so I think I like her. Than she she started pulling my legs and doing other weird stuff, I decided I didn't like her so much and went back to hide by mom.

BUT MOOM Gave me BACK!?!?!?

Than the lady left and came back with a guy who has. *Gasp* Coookiessss!!!!!! Mom says I got a shot when I got the cookie, but I didn't even feel it. They told me I was a very good and calm boy. I told them DUH! I already KNEW THAT!!

After that I had to wait someMORE so to make sure I didn't feel sick or anything. And I didn't. So we had left. And I got in the car. And went to sleep. ANd when I woke up we were home!

THe end.

{Texas and pompei laying in a blue and brown dog bed, which is on top of a blue and greyish dog bed Texas is trying to lean as far away from Pompei as possible}
{Pompei is laying upside down, with legs extended and face hidden, in the blue and brownishgreen dog bed}

Paw.Script.(someone stole my car dog bed RIGHT OUTTA MOMS CAR!??! If you see someone with it could ya please tell them to get it back? Thanks. P)


Dog Training Fort Collins said...

Wow so cute and sweet. I like the shots too. Keep on posting.

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Aww, Pompei, good job at the vet's!

Can't believe someone who'd steal a dog bed out of a car?! Most dog people are nicer than that! :-)

Sandra said...

Pompei you are too adorable for words. Of course everyone is going to think you're fabulous. One look into those big brown eyes of yours and they are goners. Glad to hear your vet visit went so well.

Kari in WeHo said...

it sounds to me like you did a great job at the vet!

Dog Training Fort Collins said...

Wow so cute and sweet. I like the shots too. Keep on posting.